Look to the Lord

Look to the Lord

As we were driving home from a 3 day pop up in Virginia, I was reflecting on something I heard in church that morning, the power of words. Words can add life and they can destroy. I remember in the early days of The Marketplace what some people said about us. “You will fail.” “This will never be sustainable.” “You will never find enough artisans.” “There is nothing new about this idea and people will imitate it.” I could go on and on. For me, those words were nothing but their fear talking. But that’s ok, God didn’t give them the vision of The Marketplace. Here we are 6 1/2 years later, well over $1,000,000 in sales, 8 women rescued from trafficking , no debt, ... and still going strong. 

How much power words have are up to you.

You can choose to believe it or not. You can chose to let it stop you or you can chose to let it fuel you. There truly is one voice you need to listen to and that’s the voice of your Creator. Take a moment to decide who you are going to listen to; the critics or the Creator?

There is only 1 right answer here! 

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