New Product Alert

New Product Alert

Many of you email me with special requests for specific products that you would love to have. It's not always an easy task to find it. I always want the product to be unique, well made, and have an empowering story.


Many of you have requested a bath towel. I am going to do you one better. Introducing the Bath Sheet by Ziyada! Crafted from the finest Indian cotton, each product starts from a ball of cotton that is hand spun into yarn. They then take the cotton yarns and hand set traditional wooden looms, this often takes many hours. I had the opportunity to watch a traditional wooden loom in action in India. The weaver has her 2 hands and 2 feet working in opposite directions! It is quite a production!


The end result is an ultra soft and quick drying towel. The reason I call it a bath sheet is because it is 40 x 70 inches! It truly gives you a spa like experience. This would be perfect in a Spa Gift Bundle. We also have hand towels that coordinate beautifully with the bath sheet.


Handmade by Ziyada in India, these towels are empowering women with meaningful employment in a safe and loving environment. Be sure to check these out, we have limited quantities! Shop our handwoven towels by Ziyada.


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