Obedience. I struggle with it. If you don’t, apparently you are better than me.  I love having a plan that has everything mapped out, it makes sense financially, strategically, and logically. I usually even have a contingency plan for those unexpected things that could arise. I have learned that God doesn’t work that way with me. He wants my obedience before He wants my planning. He wants me to commit before I fully have it all plotted out. This goes against everything in my being. My team will tell you when we approach a show, I am handing everyone a schematic with what goes where and the most efficient process to achieve this. 

God has placed a country on my heart for the last few weeks. I know this feeling. It’s the “Marisa, I want you to pay close attention to this country.”  I know what that means. He wants me to go. So since I know this you think it would be easy, nope. I try to weasel out of it. Why? Because it’s gonna be uncomfortable. It’s gonna stretch me and be waaaaayyyy beyond my ability. How many of you are trying to figure out your next steps? My guess is you know what you are supposed to do but you don’t have the action plan. Well folks, welcome to my world. What I have learned is obedience comes before the plan does. Are you going to be obedient? 


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