One Woman Campaign- One Woman Has Been Rescued!!

One Woman Campaign- One Woman Has Been Rescued!!

You ever have those moments when God asks you to do something and you are a bit nervous.  Who am I kidding?!!! You are A LOT nervous! What if this doesn’t work God and I look like an idiot? Silence. Ok I will do this but Puhleaze don’t leave me hanging. I am reminded of Isaiah 54...enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back...Do not be afraid; you will not suffer shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated. Ok God, I am going with this. 

When God spoke to my heart about the One Woman Campaign last December, it seemed like a daunting idea. Who do we partner with? I spoke to Kay the Director of Samaritan Creations. We have a long term relationship with them. She and her family have stayed with me here and I have visited their workshop in Bangkok Thailand. But how did I really decide on them? I asked ‘when do you know when it’s time to employ another woman?’ “God let’s me know.” That’s what I love. I am a pragmatic financial person that loves for everything to be laid out just so. When God speaks to my heart, it never makes sense. It’s usually the opposite of what makes sense. I struggle in my mind and then I do it! To follow Jesus takes nerves of steel.

What blows my mind about the One Woman Campaign is how God orchestrated all the pieces. Last Friday I posted a story about Yam. Her story captured my attention and I knew I needed to share it with you guys. I wrote it but didn’t know when I wanted to share it. Last Thursday, I sent out our monthly newsletter. It had a One Woman Campaign update. Friday I decided to share the post on Yam. Just hours later a woman walks into The Marketplace and donates $4,440, the exact cost of sponsoring one woman. I send Kay a message to let her know. FYI-Thailand is 12 hours ahead of us. She messages me back crying she is so happy. Do you have a woman picked out? “Yes!” Who is it? “Yam, the woman you wrote about.” What? I thought she was already working for you. “We hired her January 8th because God said to. I have been paying her out of my personal funds. God told me He would provide the funds.”

Why does God continue to blow my mind? I should be use to it, right? I want to encourage each of you right now. If God is speaking some kind of crazy to you, DO IT!! We cannot see all the pieces, but He can. He is still in the miracle making business. A lot of times we stop the miracle from happening. I am here to tell you, do your part so He can do His. Slow down this week, listen carefully, then DO IT!!


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