One Woman Campaign Update

One Woman Campaign Update

“I see them walking down the beach and it breaks my heart. How can I help them?”

Let me introduce you to my friend Kay, she is one of the hardest working women I know. She is the Director of Samaritan Creations, the group we are partnering with in Bangkok Thailand on the “Round it Up” program. I will never forget this conversation I had with Kay over 3 years ago. She was actually on vacation at a beach in Thailand trying to recharge and she saw women walking down the beach selling themselves. Instead of looking away, she tried to find a solution. She messaged me distraught. Part of what we do is to be a life line to our Directors. Being on the ground is very hard. You are faced with hard situations and limited funds. You often say to yourself, if I just worked harder or if I could just get more funding I could save her. Our job sometimes is just to listen and remind them that they are doing good work. We pray for them, hear their ideas, and jump on where we can.

Samaritan Creations employs 10 women full time, 2 women part time, and sponsors 10 of their children. The ladies work during the week and go into the slums and minister to 60 children every Saturday. The work is hard, long, and slow. But I have been there and have seen their work personally. The heart they have for the ladies is authentic and their love for Jesus is real.

Our “Round it Up” program, we are dubbing the One Woman Campaign is underway. We are raising $4,440 to rescue one woman from the red light district in Bangkok Thailand. Our goal is to employ her for 1 year and sponsor her child to go to school and receive medical benefits. In January, you guys said “Round it Up” in the tune of $600!! Your generosity continually floors me! Thank you so much for linking arms with us to change the lives of women in Thailand and around the world. Be sure to check out the new collection we just designed with Samaritan Creations!


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