One Woman Campaign Update

One Woman Campaign Update

Do you ever feel the presence of the Lord so strongly that you feel He is sitting right next to you? I did yesterday. The One Woman Campaign has been absolutely incredible. The outpouring of love has been ridiculous. It’s absolutely humbling. But I am going to be honest, this campaign has frightened me. Never in a million years did I believe we would rescue 4 women by May! Samaritan Creations is a ministry that had only 8 women working there. Could they handle the fast influx of new women? When a woman is rescued from such a horrible situation, she requires a lot of love and support. She requires a lot of time. I was becoming concerned that we were going to put a huge burden on Samaritan Creations in such a short amount of time. I started walking through what would be needed to provide for a better transition; an additional counselor for the women, job skills training, additional equipment for the new women to work on… the list was growing to a daunting level.

I wanted to position Samaritan Creations for success and I am not going to lie I was a bit concerned. God, how can we truly be a blessing without causing harm? Do I need to cap the women rescued while we work on the infrastructure to insure long term success? I made a phone call to one of our donors and thanked her for her generous donation and just felt I needed to share these concerns with her. “Marisa, if you need to use the funds to help with the success of the One Woman Campaign, please by all means do it. We want this program to be successful and we are glad to help in any way possible.” I hung the phone up and just sat and cried. I felt like God was sitting next to me saying, “I got this, you just need to tell people what you need.” Ok, let me tell you what we need. We need prayer for Samaritan Creations and the 4 women rescued. Please also cover their children in prayer. Please pray for The Marketplace, the spiritual battle is very real. Please continue to “Round it Up” and make donations to the One Woman Campaign.

We plan on introducing you to the women and sharing their story in the upcoming weeks. We will be protecting their identity by not showing their pictures or using their names. I think it’s important to get to hear their journey. One of our customers recently said, “I feel like the One Woman Campaign is like getting a front row seat in all that God is doing.” It sure is! I am just as excited as the rest of you guys to see all that God is going to do. 


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