One Woman Campaign Update: Woman #2

One Woman Campaign Update: Woman #2

She is only 19 and how did she get to the place of being a go-go dancer in the red light district in Bangkok Thailand? Living in extreme poverty in a small village, it is not unusual for daughters to leave the village in search of jobs so they can send money home to provide for their parents and siblings. But let’s be honest, what kind of job is a beautiful young girl with no education going to find? The big city preys on her and promises her a way to make good money to send home to her parents. There is this incredible sense of responsibility in the Thai culture to take care of their parents. So she starts dancing and quickly realizes there is no way out. She is now stuck. Kay from Samaritan Creations goes into the bar and meets her and starts building a relationship. Week after week Kay goes there looking for her. She opens up to Kay that she wants desperately to leave this life behind. Not only is she supporting her mom but she is also supporting her 5 year old female cousin. The little girl is in a very vulnerable position to be trafficked herself.

Kay helps her leave the bar life behind and gets her little cousin to live with her. You would think this is where it becomes easier for her. But it doesn’t. Her mother keeps contacting her asking, “Where is the money? Why aren’t you sending money home?” As a mom, I am horrified that she would want her daughter to prostitute to support her. The road of working with women rescued from trafficking is not easy. They face pressure from family members. They have zero self worth. It takes a lot of counseling, love, support, and prayer to help her. Samaritan Creations and The Marketplace are committed to walking alongside her. Starting in June, our four women and the rest of Samaritan Creations will have a new Christian counselor who will start an intensive program helping them see who they are in Christ.

We wanted you to meet the 2nd woman you rescued from our One Woman Campaign. Our goal is to introduce you to each woman and follow her journey to recovery and restoration. Please cover her in prayer. Her journey is long and hard and the work is just beginning. *We will not be releasing the names and faces of our women to protect their identity. 


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