One Woman Update

One Woman Update

Lord, I won’t be able to stand it if we start coloring her and the year ends with her not being finished. As I hung the poster up, I said a prayer for this woman. Lord, you know who she is and I know you love her. I just have to tell the story. 

Yesterday I received an email from a charitable foundation, “We have received return mail and need your current address. We have a donation for you.” I contacted the organization and verified our address. I asked if they could tell me who gave the donation and they did. Can you tell me how much the check is for?”Yes, it’s for $8,880.” I lost it. 

I reached out to Kay with Samaritan Creations in Bangkok Thailand. We can rescue 2 more women! “Praise God Marisa!” Do you know who the 2 women are? “I think I do.” She proceeds to send me a picture. Oh my gosh, they are so young. How old are they? “19 and 20.” Lord, I just can’t do this, it’s absolutely heart wrenching. In the picture, one of the young ladies is wearing a bikini top with a number on her, number 64. Why a number? Because that’s how men buy her. She has been reduced to a number. Now I am mad. We should all get mad. No one should be bought and sold. No one. Ever. We have rescued 7 women this year and we are not done yet. Many of you have asked when you “Round it Up” if you can add $5 or $10 to it. You absolutely can. You can write a check, put cash in the jar, or add a donation when shopping online by selecting One Woman Campaign. This is what you need to hear. There are no administrative costs that come out of the donations. Posters, accounting, credit card and wiring fees...The Marketplace pays for that. ALL donations go to Samaritan Creations. Samaritan Creations charges no administrative fees. All donations go to cover salary, rent, schooling, and insurances. 

In January 2019, I will be headed to Bangkok Thailand to meet the ladies our community has rescued. Normally I just go and design but this trip is going to be different. It’s time to tell the story. You guys need to see where your “Round it Up” and your donations have gone. You need to see who it’s going to and what it has done. How many ladies am I going to meet? I guess that depends on you guys.


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