Our Cards are Life Changing

Our Cards are Life Changing

“Marisa, I walked into a grocery store to buy a card. Do you know how much it cost?” Honestly, I had no idea. “It was $8!! And that wasn’t even the most expensive one.”


I have not purchased a card that wasn’t from The Marketplace in over 8 years. I enjoy giving cards and I love that ours are handmade with a beautiful story behind them.

I remember walking through the workshop in Thailand and discovering beautiful watercolor cards. I had no idea Samaritan Creations made cards. Ying hand paints each one without the help of any stencils. She used to work in the red-light district but now she has a dignified job. Many of our painted cards are custom designed, I just send a sketch to Ying and she creates it! Each of their cards are $2.50.


Our cards from Haiti are hand embroidered. Each card been handmade by a mama so she can provide for her kids. Whether you choose an encouragement, birthday, or thinking of you card, it is sure to put a smile on their face. Be sure to check out their new Christmas cards. Each of their cards is $3.50.

We have a beautiful collection of quilled cards. If you are not familiar with the art of quilling, the artisan cuts paper into strips, rolls them, and then creates intricate designs. Check out our collection from India. It takes Priyanka an hour to make each 1. I promise you whoever receives 1 will not want to throw it away! We will be receiving their Christmas cards and gift tags mid October. Each of their cards is $5.


Is it a card? Or is it a bookmark? It’s both! Coming from the Republic of Georgia, your person will get to enjoy the card and then they can pull out the bookmark and continue to enjoy it. The bookmark is made out of recycled book pages that were destined to be burned or thrown away. Now it has new life! Bookmark cards are $6.


Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect card for it! Not only are they beautiful, our cards are life changing. I have seen how making cards can help a mama provide for her family. Please take a look at our extensive collection and always thank you for being a part of The Marketplace community.



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