Our level of faith

Our level of faith

7 years ago I turned in my resignation and have never looked back. I left the safety of an 11 year position as the Director of Finance in a large church to take The Marketplace out on it’s own.

While in Cambodia in February 2014, God was very clear. “It’s time. Go.” When I came home and resigned. Everyone thought I was crazy. I was leaving the comfort and support of the church to take The Marketplace out on our own. Did I mention I had 1 kid in high school and 1 in college? 

Guess what? I never looked back! Since then I have traveled to countless countries, designed products in multiple countries, business consulted around the world, and met thousands of customers face to face.

There were many sleepless nights over this decision but I kept reminding myself who was on my side, God. It’s one thing to read the Bible and know of God. It’s quite another to experience God. When you experience God, your faith grows in ways you can’t explain.

7 years ago, The Marketplace became it’s own nonprofit with no support from any organization. We are fully sustainable. I don’t kid myself, I would never have been able to accomplish all that we have by staying in that safe little bubble. God needed room to move and do the crazy and impossible without any constraints. He just needed me to be available.

Is God asking you to step out and do something crazy? What’s stopping you? Now ask yourself the bigger question. Do you fully trust Him? The answer to that question is the answer of whether you will step out.


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