Our Most Anticipated Shipment of the Year

Our Most Anticipated Shipment of the Year

In October 2020, it all started with a simple question by Rachel, the Director of The White Peacock in India. “Would your customers be interested in recycled sari gift bags?” I had no idea, so I asked a couple of customers. They said they would buy them, so I put in what I thought was a large order. I got them in November and sold out that day. The gift bag then launched a new idea, our Gift Bundles.


In November 2021, I wanted to offer curated Christmas gift bags. I placed a large order and wondered if I could sell them all. I introduced them and sold out within 4 hours! Last summer Rachel and I started planning how many curated Christmas gift bags I would need this Christmas Season. At the end of the day, I grabbed every bit of Christmas fabric they could get their hands on and Sangeeta started sewing! We then decided to add to this collection by offering quilled Christmas gift tags. I showed 1 customer and she then requested birthday gift tags. Why not?! Now we have individual birthday gift tags in a cupcake and balloons.


Sangeeta makes all of our gift bags. While India was in lock down during Covid, Sangeeta was still able to work because she works from home. What I loved hearing is that by making our gift bags, she was able to provide for her family. She cut the fabric, her daughter sewed, her son put the drawstring in, and her husband ironed. They all were able to work and the gift bags became a family affair.


Many products we launch are based on ideas from our customers. My goal has always been to empower people with jobs. It’s pretty simple, if you are going to buy it, we are going to make it. While the gift bag is beautiful, it is so much more than that. It sustained Sangeeta’s family through Covid and continues to give her employment. 


We also have the cutest goat bell ornaments ($5). These little bells used to hang around the necks of the goats and jingle everywhere they went. This was used so farmers knew where their goats were. Now they have been given new life! They would look cute on your Christmas tree, wreath, or as an “extra” tied on your gift. Pair it with a curated Christmas bag and you have a cute gift for $7. We have handmade bamboo star ornaments ($5), Quilled Christmas Cards ($6), and we have brought the Cozy Hats with the removeable pom poms back.

As always, thank you for being a part of The Marketplace community. If I can help make your Christmas shopping easier and enjoyable, just let me know.


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