Our Season is Ending

Our Season is Ending

September 5, 2012, The Marketplace was born in the back of a church. It was a struggle, but God said to build it. 


July 1, 2014, The Marketplace launched into a brick and mortar store in the community. It was a struggle and many said we would fail but I heard God say, “Go.”


January 2015, The Marketplace bought a truck that would soon be known as The Rolling Shack. As I was researching the concept, Uptown Charlotte wouldn’t even allow fashion trucks to pop up in the downtown area. But God was clear, “Take it to the people.” 1 year later we were invited to bring The Rolling Shack to Uptown!


January 2016, I hopped on a plane bound to Bolivia. God was clear, “Design a collection that can empower more women.” I am not a designer but on that trip I designed the Funky Road Trip, the #1 selling bag in TMP. I have since designed collections all around the world. 


January 2018, we launched our new website. God was clear, “Expand your reach and focus online.”


March 2019, we closed our brick and mortar store. This was heart wrenching for me because I loved that store. But God was clear, “Close the store.” Almost 1 year to the date we closed the store, Covid hit and we went into lockdown. 


November 2020, God said, “Sell The Rolling Shack. That season has ended.” We placed the truck for sale and she sold in 3 days for asking price. 


June 2023, I went to the Well of Mercy on a retreat. God said, “This is a new season. I have placed before you an open door. Just walk through it.” 4 days later, a position dropped into my lap that would utilize everything I learned in my 11 years at TMP. 


Following God has never been about doing the easy thing, it’s always been about being obedient. It’s with heavy heart has I am writing this. The Marketplace will be ending our journey.


While our journey is over, your relationship with the artisans doesn’t have to end. You can purchase directly from many of our groups. In the coming weeks, I will give you links directly to their websites. 


Many of you may be wondering what I will be doing. I will be the Marketing and Finance Director of Hope & Freedom Counseling Service. Hope & Freedom restores marriages torn apart by sexual addiction. I have worked with artisans who have prostituted and trafficked. Now I will see the other side and witness the aftermath of those decisions. I will be expanding our reach so we are able to help more people. 


While I know this is my next step in my God journey, it’s not an easy one to take. But what I love is how God is involved in each step. My time with the artisans is not ending. We will be launching Hope & Freedom Marketplace. I am already busy designing and curating a line of products for the wholeness and recovery space. You see, you can take the girl out of TMP but you can’t take TMP out of the girl! I will share more about this in the coming weeks.


Starting today, all products are 40% off! No code is necessary. We will be donating all of our sales back to our artisans who have nonprofits in the U.S. We blessed the artisans on the way in and it’s our heart to bless them on the way out. Please use all of your loyalty credit and gift cards. No more loyalty credit will be issued. We will be here as long as product is available or until the end of the year, whichever comes first. All sales are final. This is the perfect time to do your Christmas shopping!


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