Out of Devastation Comes Beauty

Out of Devastation Comes Beauty

Out of devastation comes beauty.

On this day 8 years ago, an earthquake rocked Haiti and stunned the world. It’s been reported that 230,000 people died and as many as 3 million lives were affected as a result of this quake. I have traveled the world but when I was in Haiti I noticed something that I really haven’t seen at this magnitude anywhere else, the disabled. As we were driving to visit our different groups, I saw many people walking with pronounced limps or limbs that didn’t function at all. I listened to Haitians tell me that they were trying to dig people out of the rubble; some they reached, others they didn’t. Some that were reached had sustained such damage that limbs had to be amputated. In the US, we have many laws that protect the disabled in terms of employment. In third world countries, that is not the case. Many can’t find jobs. So how do they support themselves?

Three Cords was birthed from devastation. As people were in the Mission of Hope hospital receiving medical treatment from the earthquake, the atmosphere must have felt hopeless. A missionary saw that people were trying to heal in a sad situation and she wanted to give them hope. She taught them to braid. From braiding, came sewing, and then came jobs. From devastation, came beauty; Three Cords was born. I remember hearing that story for the 1st time as I walked through the workshop of Three Cords. I felt the overwhelming love of God. Whatever your situation, God is there with you. He can take a hot mess and make something beautiful out of it.

For me, I always find that in order to move forward, you need to know where you came from. To hear the story of Three Cords and how it was birthed by the braid and the heart of one missionary, is important. To hear the heart and the story of the artisans, is essential. Why? Because it is the essence of what makes Three Cords special. It’s the heart of the Father. We are 2 days from leaving to go to Haiti and to step into the world of Three Cords. Before we take you with us, it’s important for you to know where they came from.


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