Outcome Often Relies on Your Attitude

Outcome Often Relies on Your Attitude

I pulled the weather app up on Tuesday morning and it said 100% chance of rain on Saturday.  With only 5 Rolling Shack shows left for the season, things get pretty intense. We come to each show, offering God our best and He handles the sales. Seriously, it’s how we approach shows. How can we offer our best when we can’t display the products to the best of our ability? We have a lot of displays that are outside the truck.

As I was thinking about how we could handle these shows, I realized it’s like life. So many things are beyond our control. I thought I have 2 choices; I can just let things happen to me or I can change what I can change and trust God in the rest. So, we picked up our hammer and nails and tore The Rolling Shack up! We ripped out the 2 clothing racks and got to work. We had an old door from the store/webstore. We took apart the clothing rack and made legs. We used our wooden crates and created shelving.

We could have had a bad attitude and been angry for all this dang rain heading our way on Saturday. Instead we chose to do our best and trust God in the rest. I know that sounds like a cliche but honestly it’s what The Marketplace does. I continually promise to give God my best, no short cuts or subpar work. He in turn continually gives The Marketplace waaaayyyy more than I could ever imagine.

Lou and I had fun in this little renovation project and we gave God our best. Honestly I love this change so much! I have learned there will be so many circumstances in life thrown at you that are beyond your control. Much of the outcome will rely on your attitude. 


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