Please meet Francine

Please meet Francine

The Empowerment Project Update! How many of you guys like asking people for money? What no takers? I hate it. Seriously. So when I sat in a Rwandan workshop last month, I was having an internal battle. Me talking to me: “Marisa, if you do nothing, it’s a guarantee nothing will change. But if you at least try, then a woman and her children’s lives might just change.” I started asking questions. With that, we were pulling out our phones and crunching numbers. $3,755 can be a game changer for 1 woman. Safe housing Check! Nutritious food Check! School fees Check! Medical Insurance Check! Business training and coaching Check! Capital investment in her business Check! “Let’s do this!!” Wait, I believe it was my voice that said that!!!  I looked at Jamie the Director of DuHope and said, “I can’t promise you funds but I can promise you I will do my best.” And the battle begins. Self doubt steps in and I feel myself getting overwhelmed. I remember sitting in the car, texting Lou, and telling him what I agreed to on behalf of The Marketplace. His response? “If God is involved, He will make it happen.”

While sitting in my hotel room that night, I happen to see one of our customers just like a post. I messaged her and started a conversation. Before I could stop myself, I began sharing our next project. Wait, I don’t even have a name for it! She asked questions and I answered them. When I finally went to bed that night, I remembered thinking God this is your project I am only the project manager. When I woke up the next day, my last day in Rwanda I checked my messages. There was one from my customer I messaged yesterday. “My husband and I would like to send you a check for $3,755 for the 1st woman.” God, I hear you loud and clear. You are in it. I messaged Jamie and her only response to me was, “Only God.” Yep, only God. That day we named our next campaign The Empowerment Project.

Please meet Francine. She has 8 children and she will be the 1st recipient. You guys are going to get to know her and hear what happens. Why? Because I believe you should see what happens when you donate AND it will build all of our faith. God has the ability to take any situation and change it! Stay tuned next week to hear Francine’s story and see what God has been up to! If you would like to donate to The Empowerment Project, you can do so online or via check. 


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