Pruning is Necessary

Pruning is Necessary

A friend and I were talking about this the other day. When God prunes, it hurts and we don’t see the end results while He is working. All we feel is the pain and lack of control.

When God asked me to quit my 11 year position as the Director of Finance at a large church, I struggled. That position was a huge part of my identity. “Marisa, where you are going, you won’t need it anymore.”

When God asked me to lay the Oak Street, our Brick and Mortar down March of 2019, I panicked. That was a large part of The Marketplace’s identity. I struggled. “Marisa, where you are going, you won’t need it anymore.”

Each cut hurt but was absolutely necessary to step into each new season. I think what people get tripped up on is that each item that gets pruned off was once a necessary part of the whole. But as you grow, what was once necessary is no longer essential. It has to be pruned in order for you to move on. Will you give God the permission to prune so you can step into your next season?


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