Remember Your Why

Remember Your Why

During this season it’s easy to lose our motivation and forget our purpose. What I have to focus on is my “Why.” Why do I continue showing up day after day? Why did I start The Marketplace? Why does it push me to be creative?

For me it’s about relationship and purpose. You see when I see these pieces, I think about my time in Rwanda. I watched as the artisans struggled to learn how to write. Many only have a 2nd grade education and that gave them no viable job skills. This led them to sell their bodies. I know if I can share their story, it gives them an opportunity to learn to write their name. It gives them a opportunity to have a dignified job and to grow in who God created them to be. I know if I share their story, I not only change their story but also the trajectory of their children’s. I feel your “Why” is your purpose.

During this season where we have a Stay at Home order in place, I have opportunity. I have a safe house to live in, food in my pantry, and clean water to wash my hands. DuHope before they shut their workshop to start the country wide lockdown, gave the ladies bottles of water with a capful of bleach in it so they could safely wash their hands at home.

Jeanne, Alphonsine, and Denise are my “Why.” They are the reason I sweat in a 98 degree truck and freeze at 20 degree Christmas shows. They are the reason why I tag product late at night and get up early the next morning to tell stories. Take some time during the Stay at Home order to reflect on your personal “why.”


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