Rescuing women from trafficking in Houston

Rescuing women from trafficking in Houston

NEW GROUP ALERT!! We have had many people come on The Rolling Shack and be amazed to learn that trafficking is an issue in the US. It seriously is. We are often asked why we don’t support more domestic groups who are rescuing women from trafficking. We would really love to but for a group to be a part of The Marketplace they have to be doing 3 things; sharing the Gospel, truly care about the artisan and invest in them, and finally make a quality product. I am going to be honest, finding these 3 things in a US group is quite difficult. Many are doing a combination of 2 of the 3 criteria but not all 3. We get so excited when we find a group that actually does! Please meet Elijah Rising Goods!!

Elijah Rising was founded in 2012 as a prayer gathering that focused on ending sex trafficking in Houston. Across Houston women and girls were being sold for sex, but there was little outcry, so Elijah Rising began hosting Van Tours and showing the public that sex trafficking is happening in their town. In 2017, Elijah Rising Goods was founded as a way for the survivors of sex trafficking to have dignified employment. Their goal is to see sex trafficking end in their generation. 

What do they make? They make soy candles in absolutely incredible scents! I am not talking about some basic candles, I like to refer to these as craft candles. Made in small batches, these candles have complex scent profiles. We are featuring Cactus Flower, Honey Bourbon, Citrus Grove, Tobacco and Cedar, and everyone’s favorite Lavender. Made out of soy, it burns clean and each candle will last about 70 hours. Which one is my favorite? It’s a hard choice but I have to say I am partial to Cactus Flower. It has notes of guava, melon, aloe, mandarin, and peony. Hand poured into a beautiful amber colored glass jar with a cork lid, this would make a great gift. All of these amazing scents are available online and on The Rolling Shack I will highlighting some of their other products later this week but if you just can’t wait, head to our website and search for their products!!  So everyone please welcome Elijah Rising Goods to The Marketplace family!


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