Mike, this number is so big I want to throw up. “I know.” You know, I am not a fundraiser right? “I know, me either.” Well, I am not feeling good about this. This is how it played out when Kay, her husband Mike, and I number crunched how much we would need to cover Year 2 RESTORE of the One Woman Campaign $28,000!! 

I don’t know how many of you run from what God wants you to do. I am not going to lie, I used to. Imagine this visual. I am hiding in a closet, crouched low, and then Jesus is next to me whispering, “Who are we hiding from?”  What I have learned is this, I can fight what it is He wants me to do and then do it OR I can save myself all the wasted energy and just do it right off the bat. Now I make it sound easy, right? It’s not. Here is my key to the success of following God. This is what allows me to sleep at nIght after I have quit my job of 11 years to take a concept, ie The Marketplace, that I was not sure was gonna work out on our own. You are not responsible for the results. What? You read right. You are not responsible for the results. I am responsible to be obedient to what He calls me to do. I do the work. God is responsible for the results. Start The Marketplace. Ok. He makes it successful. Start the One Woman Campaign. I tell the story. He moves on the hearts of His people (you) and 8 women are rescued. Year 2: RESTORE, tell the community that they need $28,000 and tell the story. Less than 1 month into the campaign we have $2,462 towards our goal! Thanks to all who donated!! Remember with God, you are only responsible to be obedient.


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