Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable to grow

Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable to grow

I have a favorite devotional that I have read for a number of years. There is one in particular that I love that I would like to share.


The was once a small plant whose growth was stunted because he lived under the shade of a big oak tree.

One day the big oak tree was cut down. The little plant was sad. He felt he needed the shade and protection of the oak.


What the little plant did not realize is now the sun would shine more and showers would fall more abundantly. The little plant grew!


God may take away your comforts in order to grow you. While this might not feel good, it‘s necessary to uncover the gifts He has given you.


Is God uncovering your gifts and causing you to grow? You might want to save this to re-read later to remind yourself it worked out well for the little plant.

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