Sometimes you have to let go of something so God can give you something better

Sometimes you have to let go of something so God can give you something better

Sometimes you have to let go of something so God can give you something better.

I’ll be the 1st to tell you, it’s not easy letting go of something that works to step into the unknown. That truly has been The Marketplace story. Start The Marketplace. Move to an outside location on our own. Close the Grace location. Get The Rolling Shack. Start designing collections. Partner with Annie Kay’s and have a satellite store. Focus on the web store. Create the One Woman Campaign. What’s next?

God has blessed The Marketplace beyond my wildest dreams. We have remained true to our mission and the steps He has ordered even when we were scared and unsure of the results. What many of you may not know is I work 7 days a week and many days I start my day at 4 am working til 9 pm. I am in the store, on The Rolling Shack, packing orders, designing and ordering product, and business consulting with our groups. With the incredible growth of the web store this year and the increase in truck shows, I am barely keeping up. A wonderful problem to have no doubt but not a great long term strategic model. I have sensed at the beginning of the year that God was about to make a change but didn’t know what it was. I took a day and went to the Well of Mercy to just sit and listen. He confirmed something that was stirring in me. I got this image of this little girl. She is holding on to something she loves but God wants to give her something better. God is asking me to let go of something that is so dear to my heart in order to realize the full vision of The Marketplace. We will be closing our Oak Street location and focusing on onlines sales, The Rolling Shack, designing and consulting, and the Annie Kay’s location. The Marketplace is expanding our reach which in turn increase sales and empowers more people. I know some of you guys are freaking out. I need you to take a deep breath. We are not going anywhere. We are still in the community but we are now on wheels! We will be trucking to MORE places and meeting MORE people. The Oak Street location will be open through March. 


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