Take the Focus off of Yourself

Take the Focus off of Yourself

Who needs to hear a God story?!? Coronavirus, I didn’t see this coming as I was forecasting for our 2020!  Did any of us? We had a lot of inventory coming in and we were watching the news trying to forecast what was about to happen. Social distancing? What’s that? We rely on shows to move a lot of inventory for our groups and things were not looking good. In addition to that we had the Empowerment Project in full swing. Would people donate, would they round up? I remember sitting at the dining room table on a Saturday around noon beginning to feel the pressure. I admit I take The Marketplace personally. How can I not? I have looked into the eyes of our artisans, heard their stories, and know their names. I have been to their homes, eaten with them, and have even danced with them. I felt powerless against this virus and the fear it was driving in our community. Our current environment was about to change. Bing! I got an Instagram DM.

“Hey Marisa- I would like to sponsor a woman for your empowerment project. How best/easiest to get funds to you?”

I read that and I lost it.  I thanked her and gave her our address.

“Thanks for your obedience. I love giving to organizations who I know are directly impacting people’s lives for the better and for the kingdom.”

Thank you so much!

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I mean that! Have a great Saturday!”

While the world was starting to go crazy chasing down the final rolls of toilet paper, this woman thought of others. She thought of that single mom in Rwanda. Our artisans’s life is going to change because our supporter had a Kingdom perspective. When I received the check for $3,755, I felt God say, “You tell the story and leave the rest to me. You be you and let me be me.” While we all feel powerless and like our world is spinning out of control, God is not surprised. He knows what is happening and He is in control. Find peace in knowing He has this! I have said this multiple times during this pandemic, if you take the focus off of yourself and put it on others, your perspective will change.


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