Thank You for Trusting Us

Thank You for Trusting Us

“Hey Marisa! I have a friend’s mom who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I need to encourage them.” “Hey Marisa! I have a friend who has gone through a really sad event and I want to encourage them. Any ideas?” This special customer has a ministry of encouraging people and we get the opportunity to do it together.

How it started is she would message me and tell me the situation they were going through. I would make suggestions, she would order the product, and put in the notes what she would like to say on the card. I would wrap it, write her note, and send it to her person. What she didn’t know at the time was that as I was wrapping it, I would pray over her person. One day I mentioned to her what I do and we realized we were doing ministry together! She recently sent me another request for a mom and daughter going through cancer. This hit close to home because my father had cancer. I was able to recommend what brought him great comfort as he went through chemo, heavy socks and a blanket. She loved the idea of socks! So we found a beautiful pink pair since she was fighting breast cancer and even included pink in the wrapping.

A couple of years ago, a customer came in the store with one of our bracelets on. As she and I were talking she said “You don’t know this but The Marketplace got me through a really tough season in my life. I had a rare cancer and my dear friend would have a Marketplace gift for me after each chemo treatment. I started looking forward to the end of each treatment because I knew she would hand me an animal print bag.” 

I am forever blown away by the kindness of our customers and being included in the painful journey some have to take. I consider it an honor that they would trust us to add some joy and encouragement to their loved ones lives. Even if you don’t purchase a gift from us, know that you can message us and we will pray for your person.


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