The Best Reason to Journal

The Best Reason to Journal



One of the biggest New Year’s resolutions people make is to journal. It’s also one resolution that many people start only to quit a couple of months later. Why? I think it’s how they approach it.

I am a long time journaler, at least 30+ years. My journals are a running account of what God has done and is doing in my life. I can pick up the journal and read where God was clearing the field and getting rid of things in my life to begin planting The Marketplace dream.

I can grab the journal and read where I was battling just about everyone to make sure The Marketplace became what it was supposed to be and not some watered-down version of it.

Some journals are hard to read like the time I quit my 11-year position as the Director of Finance to launch The Marketplace under our own nonprofit. While sometimes it’s painful to revisit, it’s important to.
It's my stones of remembrance. It’s my reminders of how God has shown up time and time again.
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget and need to be reminded of God’s great love and how He has always been there. It’s true, journaling is a great stress relief and helps us be more reflective. But I feel more importantly, journaling is a great way to see how God is changing us from the inside out.

Let this be the year we take the time to start chronicling what God is doing in and for us.

I would love to know, why do you journal?


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