The Coffee You Drink Matters

The Coffee You Drink Matters

Coffee is not just a great morning pick me up, it’s a global commodity. It is only 2nd in value to oil. 

Then how come 80-85% of the world’s coffee farmers live at or below the poverty level? 

They have no negotiating power because they are so small. Money is made from coffee but it rarely trickles down to the farmers.

In January 2020, the ladies of Azizi Life taught me what it takes to make a cup of coffee, from ground to grounds. By the time I was done from picking the beans, to getting the fruit off of it, to drying it, to roasting it, to grinding it, and finally brewing a cup, I had new found respect for coffee. Lord have mercy, it’s a lot of work!

Hear me when I say this, the coffee you drink matters. The growers matter. You need to know where your coffee comes from.

We carry Singing Rooster and Hemisphere Coffee Roasters. I can assure you they care about the growers and they invest in the community.

Let’s talk coffee!  I am so excited to let you know that we have 3 new countries represented, Brazil, Peru, and Ethiopia. We have an extensive coffee collection. If you need any help finding the right coffee, let me help!

Remember the coffee you drink matters


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