The Decision to Jump!

The Decision to Jump!

It was the final leg of my trip around the world. I was sitting in a hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia, drinking coffee, and preparing for my final day with the artisans.


“It’s time to turn the world upside down.”


Lord, what does that even mean!?


Traveling 26,000 miles in 23 days has a way of changing you. January 2014, I did a full revolution of the globe. I travelled to Kenya, India, Thailand, and Cambodia. I visited nine ministries and heard countless stories of lives being changed. It was time to be all in!


The decision to jump is never easy. Lou and I prayed about it and came to the same conclusion. I had to be obedient to what God called me to do. I resigned from my 11-year position as the Director of Finance at Grace Covenant Church and launched The Marketplace into the community. 

Not many people agreed with the decision for The Marketplace to become its own nonprofit and leave the church campus. Many people told me I would fail. But what I know is this, I would rather be obedient and fail, than be disobedient and play it safe.


The success of The Marketplace was not based on the ongoing support of a large church, it was based on God alone. There was no safety net, it took extreme trust and many sleepless nights.


When God says to jump, you jump! Even when you can’t see where you will land, especially when you can’t see where you will land.

Marisa making a candle in rwanda

I have no doubt The Marketplace would not be where we are today had I played it safe. Almost 11 years later, God continues to bless our mission.


Many of you have asked me when I’m going to write a book about The Marketplace and all my travels. My answer has always been, “Maybe one day.” It continues to be that. But I have realized the importance of sharing my story. I want to encourage you to step into your God dream. I’m just like you. I’m an ordinary person who said “yes” to God and has been on an extraordinary adventure. 


Is God asking you to jump? What is stopping you? Are you waiting to have it all together before you follow your God dream? Newsflash, you are never going to have it all together. If I had waited for that to happen, I’d still be waiting. God is looking for a willing heart and then He will work through you.


While The Marketplace sells products from around the world, we aren’t just a store, we are also a ministry. If you ever need a bit of encouragement in your God dream, just reach out. I would love to cheer you on.


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