The Marketplace Experience on Zoom!

The Marketplace Experience on Zoom!

Who knew how much I would miss seeing our customers face to face?!? Last Saturday, we tried something new- The Marketplace Experience on Zoom! We have been doing Marketplace Experiences at the webstore for months and I have to say I have really enjoyed getting to interact face to face and hearing stories from our customers. Then Covid-19 hit and we were had to stop temporarily. Or did we?

Last Saturday I got to share the story of The Marketplace. The women asked questions, shared some personal stories, and we had so much fun. After it was over, I thought there is no reason to stop the Marketplace Experiences and quite frankly it opened the door to endless possibilities. Those who were not local could now attend!! What if we focused on one group and one of the participants is the Director of that organization. They could share how they started, we could show products, they could tell you who made it, the story behind it, and you guys could ask questions. Now THAT would be so much fun! My goal is that you would not only leave with a better understanding of The Marketplace and our relationship with our various groups, but that you would be inspired, inspired to move forward in whatever God has called you to do even if you don’t have all the pieces,... yet.


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