The Marketplace is a God Story

The Marketplace is a God Story

The Marketplace is seriously a God story. Many people have asked how did it start? Well, God had to work on me 1st and He was doing that from the start of me!! 

5 things God was doing in my life to get me ready to lead TMP. (Hint- I had no idea what was going on.)

I was born into an international family. My mom is Thai and I am a Navy brat. I have lived in Thailand and the Philippines.

God broke my heart for the poor as a little girl. I remember being 9 years old throwing coins into brown water at the kids outside the naval base in Subic Bay Philippines. Years later I would look back at the moment and realize we are not all given the same opportunities. To those who have been given much, much will be expected.

I graduated from the University of Florida where I majored in Finance. Having a strong business background is essential for creating a sustainable business. To quote Marcus Lemonis, it all comes down to people, product, and process. I have helped many of our groups develop business models that take all those components into account.

I got my strong work ethic from my dad. He taught me to achieve, you have to do the work. It amazes me when people think because it’s a God dream it “just happened.” There has been a lot of sacrifice from not only me but my entire family.

I worked at a church for 11 years. Here is where I learned the ins and outs of being a nonprofit and how it’s not always black and white, there is a whole lot of gray. I often shake my head when I hear successful business people think they are going to go to another country and quickly create a successful business without any thought to cultural differences. People, it doesn’t work like that.

God was working on me way before The Marketplace. That’s the beauty of it. He wanted me to create The Marketplace more than I ever did, before it was ever a thought in my mind. This gives me great peace. He directs each of my steps and decisions for The Marketplace. 8+ years and we are still going strong. I am excited to see what His plans are! 

So ask yourself, what has God been doing in my life to prepare me for what He has designed especially for me?


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