The Marketplace is Redefining Your Online Shopping Experience

The Marketplace is Redefining Your Online Shopping Experience

The Marketplace is redefining your online shopping experience!

Need a question answered? Imagine a website where you type a question in the chat and an actual person answers! Let me take it 1 step further, that person is familiar with the product. I can tell you where it came from and who made it. Want a recommendation of what earrings would look great with a certain necklace? Just ask!

Looking for a gift? Browse from our extensive collection of curated gift bundles. Don’t see exactly what you want? Let me custom design it for you. Just tell me a little about your person and your budget. I will create a few options and send you pictures. Once you tell me which one you love, I create an invoice, email it to you, wrap it, write your gift message, and ship it!

Want to redesign a space and need help? This is what I love doing! If you want to create a basket wall, just send me pictures of your wall along with the measurements of the space. I will re-create your wall using painter’s tape, create a few options, and send you pictures. This will give you a great visual of what it will look like. We will work together until you love it!

Want to see the product up close and personal? If you are local to Mooresville NC, schedule a shopping trip and bring a friend. Everything you see on the website is shoppable in the webstore. Not local? Let’s do a FaceTime shopping experience. You can schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for you. It’s like being here without physically being here!

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Some people say they dislike online shopping because it’s so impersonal. My goal has always been to be relational with our artisans AND you. I want you to leave The Marketplace, not only loving your product, but knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life.


Think of me as your personal shopper and gift curator. I want you to have the best shopping experience possible. What can I help you with today?


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