The wind that blows can never kill the oak tree God planted

The wind that blows can never kill the oak tree God planted

In a matter of minutes last Friday night, we lost the ability to communicate with our community on Facebook and Instagram. My account was hacked and Facebook and Instagram quickly suspended my accounts. There was no email saying we noticed suspicious behavior on your account was that you? Instead, it was a quick lockdown with no way to communicate with our followers of what was happening.

To say it caused great stress would be an understatement. It has taken us 9+ years to build our following to 8,000 people. Our community is very active and look forward to our stories, new products, and devotional posts. I reached out to our community through an email explaining what happened and that we were appealing this. If they needed to reach me, they could email me at or through our live chat on our website. We received so many emails back with love, support, and prayers.

Sunday morning, I was still trying to make sense of this and found a devotion that truly spoke to my heart. A furious squall came up. Mark 4:37. The disciples were in a boat minding their own business when a wind came up and threatened to overtake them. Jesus wakes up, calms the storm, and says to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

In the storm, God equips us. When God wants an oak tree, He plants it where the storms will pummel it and where the rains will beat down upon it. This is how the oak tree becomes stronger. But I loved the final sentence, the wind that blows can never kill the oak tree God planted (paraphrased from Streams in the Desert).

While we do not have a full resolution yet on our accounts, I am assured that everything will work out. Whether we receive full access to our accounts or whether we start over, God created our community once and I have absolute faith He can do it again.


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