These angels rose from the broken

These angels rose from the broken

These angels rose from the broken. Made from discarded dishes found in the dump in Haiti, the artisans gave them new life. It's kinda like what God does with our broken lives. He breathes new life into us and makes us better than we were. Just like these angels.

The idea of the Giving Angel was birthed from 2nd Story Goods walking and praying in their community looking for ways to create beautiful things from what they had on hand. They worked in a neighborhood near the dump. As they walked through the dump each day, they saw many broken and discarded dishes. They took the pieces, bleached them, and learned to create these beautiful angels.

Introducing the Gratitude Giving Angel. At only $12, she is the perfect thank you gift to let someone know that you appreciate them. She comes on a piece of botanically dyed paper along with a gratitude card. On the front of the card is a sweet gratitude message and on the back tells the beautiful story of the angel.

I love what the Giving Angel symbolizes. No matter how broken we are, God is not done with us. He will take our broken pieces and create something new. We now have the Giving Angel in Gratitude and Hope.


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