Value in the wait

Value in the wait

How many times have you come up with a plan, asked for God’s blessing on it, do it, and wonder why it failed?  Instead of waiting on God, we decide to take matters into our own hands. The problem is we only see what is in front of us but God sees the beginning, middle, and end. We get into a world of hurt and we ask God to save us. Kinda like what our kids do to us. Let me just say, I have very little patience. While I was waiting for God to give me the plans for my life aka The Marketplace I would come up with these crazy ideas. Is this it God? No. How about this? No. And this? No. Until one day something clicked. Marisa, wait. In hindsight, God had to prepare me to be able to create and run The Marketplace. I often say if He gave me this vision 5 years earlier, I would have killed it. I wasn’t ready yet.

I often get emails and messages from across the country asking me how I started TMP. My response is ALWAYS the same, wait on the Lord. Listen carefully to the dream He gives you and then execute it to the best of your ability. I know people don’t want to hear that they need to wait but there was so much value in the wait. In the wait, I learned who I was. I learned how when things got tough to stick it out and not throw in the towel. But more than that, I experienced the faithful of God. If He gives you a dream, He will bring it to fruition. Remember your job is to just listen and execute. There is value in the wait.


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