Wanna create more togetherness?

Wanna create more togetherness?

Wanna create more togetherness? Announce that there will be a Movie Night in the family room at 8 pm Friday night. Just plop down a Movie Night Charcuterie Board and have some some comfy throws available. They will come!

Wanna know how to make it? Grab a board. I used the Mango Wood Rounded Board. Gather your family’s favorite candy and pop some popcorn! Have fun putting it together. When I put mine down, my 26 year old son who was home for the weekend stopped dead in his tracks. “What’s this?” Candy has a way of making everyone feel happy. Do you have fur babies? I actually created a section just for the them with their favorite treats. They are part of the family!

So plan a movie night and show your family your mad charcuterie skills! This may just become a new family tradition.


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