We Appreciate You

We Appreciate You

3 months ago, I sat on the floor of the webstore and wept. “Lord, how are our artisans going to survive Covid19 and are we going to be able to help them?” All shows were cancelled and we were getting ready to go into a stay at home order. Things were looking rather bleak. But then a beautiful thing happened, The Marketplace Community rallied! Not only were you guys purchasing, but I was receiving emails, texts, direct messages, and comments, “What can we do to help?” You gave over $7,500 to the Empowerment Project, $900 to the Feeding Project for Azizi Life in Rwanda, and $1600 for the Artisan Project with Atelier Calla in Haiti. Our sales in April 2020 exceeded April 2019 sales and last year we had The Rolling Shack everywhere! We continued ordering product, we never missed a beat. Each order we placed, our artisan groups were so thankful! As we headed into May, our figures from last year were so high because we had the truck everywhere. Well you guys continued to show up for us!! May 2020 was the highest web sales in the history of The Marketplace! 🙌🏼

Yesterday as I stood in the webstore, I wept. This time it was tears of gratitude. You see, while the world would have us believe how divided we are, The Marketplace is a beautiful community where we embrace diversity and celebrate it. Your curiosity is infectious. I loved watching everyone listening to Primitive tell her story in Rwanda on our Zoom last Saturday. Afterwards Primitive expressed how she loved meeting everyone and how she was praying for us. When we Zoomed to Haiti last month, so many people asked Christelle questions about her artisans. Both Christi and Christelle later told me how they loved meeting our customers and how there is a beautiful community of love. I felt like a proud mama!

I wanted to take a moment to say I appreciate you and I am glad you are a part of our community. Thank you for loving our artisans so much and continuing to think of The Marketplace when you purchase gifts. I can’t even begin to share the effect this has had on our artisans. While the world would have us all believe we are divided, our community shows love in a big way. Thank you!


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