Welcome Home

Welcome Home

I am going to let you in on a secret... I never dreamed I would open a store. Not on my bucket list. Retail was not my thing. But what motivated me to create The Marketplace was the ability to create lasting change in someone's life. It’s not enough to share Jesus if you are watching someone sell themselves, go hungry, or have to give up their children because they can’t afford to feed them. Motivation is a powerful tool. It can keep you up at night and keep you doing what you are doing even when you don’t see the results.

I wired the $4,440 to Samaritan Creations last Wednesday, rescuing one woman out of trafficking in Bangkok Thailand. I messaged Kay the Director to let her know it was coming. She thanked me and then said, “Today you made many dreams come true.” Kay, do not make me cry!  I spent the day reflecting on that. This is what motivates me to work day in and day out, countless hours, in the heat and the freezing weather, leaving my family to go to different countries... I have made a lot of sacrifices. But to hear “job well done” here on earth, pushes me and my team to keep going!

The Marketplace is a vehicle to share what God is doing around the world and it’s a place where you can join in and change lives. You can shop, pray, tell our story, and donate to change a woman’s life in Bangkok Thailand. Rescuing Yam and her son Hin is not just my celebration, it is our celebration! It is our lasting change in the world. For those who have donated and Rounded it Up, please take a moment to reflect on these pictures and know that you got to be a part of not only Yam’s journey but also her son Hin. We will keep you updated on their progress. Since we announced that we already have 1 one rescued, we have had more donations! Let’s work on our 2nd woman!  



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