What a Crazy Ride!

What a Crazy Ride!

2 days before Christmas, wow I knew we would make it, but I didn’t know what we would look like!  What a year!! It was a huge year of transition for The Marketplace! We closed our brick and mortar and allowed God to redefine us yet again! The amazing thing about God is that He never disappoints! We started the year in Bangkok Thailand for 24 days. Then we closed the store and jumped into Spring Show Season! At the end of that, we powered into an entire revamp of our inventory control system which would allow us to run faster and be more efficient. From there we rolled into the Southern Women’s Show and into our Fall Show Schedule! While all this is going on, we introduced you guys to 4 new groups, designed new products, and worked closely with groups that were experiencing political upheaval. Trying to get product out of these countries was a logistical nightmare. While it was stressful and not pretty, everything worked out at the end of the day!

We did 50 Rolling Shack Shows!  5 Marketplace Experiences! 2 Large indoor shows!  Just shy of 700 online orders! We will still be packing online orders today and doing Porch Pickup! If you guys need gift cards, we have those too! If you need our help with anything, just message us!!

On behalf of The Marketplace and our artisans around the world, THANK YOU for making this an awesome year! We couldn’t do what we do without you guys! I know you can shop anywhere and it’s humbling to know that you choose to shop The Marketplace! Thank you for believing in our mission!! P.S. Bubba looks is how I feel! 


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