What the heck is shibori?

What the heck is shibori?

White fabric is meticulously folded and tied before it is put in a large vat of indigo dye. The ladies wait. The cloth is then pulled out and the ties are cut. They wash the fabric and dry it. Now they see what they have to work with!


Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique which produces pattern on fabric. This is a slow process that always contains an element of surprise! The tying and folding of the fabric can take anywhere from 30-40 hours while the dyeing and drying process takes about 36 hours. While it is labor intensive, it creates a beautiful intricate custom fabric. No 2 pieces of cloth will ever be the same! But isn’t that the charm of the process?


I am always on the hunt for unique product that celebrates the artistry and talent of our artisans around the world. But what really gets me excited is when it creates more jobs. More jobs mean more opportunities to provide a better life for their families. Ziyada in India has 31 artisans. They provide fair wages, access to healthcare for the artisans and their family, a growing retirement fund, free childcare, and a safe, loving, and empowering work environment.


What does shibori mean to you? You get beautiful one of a kind products and are a part of transforming someone’s life. This fabric doesn’t come from a factory, it’s literally handmade by our artisans! But here is the reality of our products, it may not come back again. If you love it, you need to purchase it now! Each of these shibori products would make beautiful gifts.


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