When God says move, you move...LITERALLY!

When God says move, you move...LITERALLY!

During my prayer time I heard, “Put the house on the market.” Wait, what?!? Where will we go? Maybe it won’t sell? All these questions were running full speed in my mind. Lou has wanted to sell our house for years to downsize and I have been the hold out. 


We put the house on the market and within 2 hours an agent and her clients just showed up on our driveway. “Can we see the house?” They came in and within 24 hours they gave us our asking price. Ok, now what? Where are we going to live? Where is TMP going to move to?


“Marisa, just trust me. Have I ever let you down?” No, Lord you have not. Every time you have asked us to do something drastic, you have always done above and beyond what we could ever dream. 


Seasons change and we have to be willing to change with them. What was once perfect, is no longer essential. Sometimes you have to leave things behind in order to step into your next season. Is it easy? No, it’s never been easy, but God is trustworthy. It’s been my experience that I have to put my foot in the water 1st before He will part it.


We will be renting a house while we build a new home all within a few miles of our old one. The Marketplace will be moving with us and will continue to have its own space within our new home.  We will be offering our last in-store shopping on August 13th. If you would like to shop 1 more time at our current location, just text me at (704) 201-0481. We will continue to offer Porch Pickup until 1 week before our move. Once we get settled into our rental home, we will resume in-store shopping and Porch Pickup. Our online shipping will not be affected and will continue as usual. 


I know many of you are wondering how in the world we can move the webstore. Lou and I have had a lot of experience in this! Be sure to follow along with the shenanigans in stories on Instagram. We will take you through all the set ups and tear downs. We will show you where we are building and would love to have our locals come and pray over the new home of The Marketplace. I will also keep you updated in the newsletters. 


Often, I tell our God stories after the fact and sometimes it all sounds so easy. Trusting God is scary. I have my moments when I freak out and want to wrestle God for control. Then I come to my senses and realize I have to trust. While I never know the end, I know the one who does. 



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