When You are Ready to Quit...

When You are Ready to Quit...

We received orders that were so wrong, we couldn’t possibly make them right. I was coming off of a 3 day Virginia Show with no break and had just got back from another truck show. I was exhausted. We recently started redesigning the store and nothing could go right; either we didn’t have the right tools available or there was an unanticipated problem. Everything that could go wrong, was going wrong.

At one point I was sitting on the floor, cleaning a metal pipe that was part of our new display, and my hands were covered in black oil. God and I were having a conversation. “God I can’t do this anymore. The more I work, the further behind I fall. Nothing goes right; orders, displays. I don’t have it in me.” I go home to do our accounting work and there is a HUGE computer glitch! I am on the phone with our software company for about an hour. I end the call totally frustrated. “I am going to trust you God when I can’t see you. But I need to know you are there. I just need an online sale Lord.” Really Marisa, you asked for an online sale? Yes I did!

Within a minute of me saying that, I get a notification that someone added us to their story on Instagram. Then I get a bing and then another one and then another one... I get 29 bings in all and over 250 new Instagram followers in a matter of hours!! You see a blogger shared our steel drum nativity set with her followers and we got 29 new orders in a matter of hours!! As I sat in front of my laptop and watched all the people shopping across the country, I just wept.  God: I see you Marisa and I can do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine. I am not going to give you 1 sale. I am going to do way more than that.

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I am an Israelite. God has done so many incredible things in the life of The Marketplace but sometimes I am so focused on my current situation that I forget. I needed a reality check. God owns The Marketplace, I only manage it.

There is someone out there today that is waving the white flag in surrender. Put it down. God has this. Sometimes when things aren’t going right, we have to focus on all that He has done. It’s ok to tell Him you are tired. I am going to let you in on a secret, He already knows. Reach out to Him and reconnect. You might be a little surprised and what He says back. This pic was just the beginning of the 29 orders! 


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