When you shop The Marketplace

When you shop The Marketplace

It’s true!

You would think it would get old after so many years, but it hasn’t. 

Let me tell you how it is at The Marketplace. Every. Time.

“Cha Ching!” That’s the sound we hear when we get an order. Doesn’t matter where I am, I shout “thank you Jesus!” Seriously, ask Lou. I then open up the order and see what you bought. I get so excited! I never get tired of it! If you leave a note, I read it. Some of you leave the sweetest notes. 

I run into the webstore. I am not even kidding. I run.  I pull the items and then I grab a blank Marketplace note card and write you a personal note.  Every. Time. 

I wrap your products and then it passes on to Lou to ship. He takes pride in his packaging. He makes sure to bubble wrap and pad it just right so nothing breaks. He even makes sure our Marketplace tape is straight. If you see crooked tape when you get your package, sorry it was me, not Lou. 

Why do we take such care? EVERY order is important, no matter the size. We want you to know we appreciate your business and we want to give you stellar service. I will never forget what someone said to me, “You give white glove service.” I love that!

When you Shop Small, it is so appreciated. You are never just a number to us. 


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