Where are We Headed Next

Where are We Headed Next

It’s time to design a new collection! Where are we headed?!!! Wait- stop!!! Before we announce where we are going, let’s talk about how we choose a group to design with. We partner with over 82 groups in 26 different countries. We are blessed to have standing invitations to go to so many countries and design with countless groups. I am going to be honest with you, we don’t choose, God does. I initially thought we were headed to Asia January 2018, but God had other plans. He started speaking to my heart about this group and honestly He just wouldn’t quit!! He started designing the collection. I knew at this point I had 2 options; continue not to listen or go and watch God do some crazy things. I love a great story and He was weaving a story that captivated me.

In 2015, I sat in an open air church in Haiti at the 5 year anniversary of the earth quake. I listened as people sang in Creole and praised God. I will never forget at one point a gentle breeze same through and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. The message was how we needed to rededicate our lives to God. The pastor asked us to close our eyes and ask God, “How can I serve you with your son Jesus?”

So 3 years later The Marketplace is headed back to Haiti to design a collection with THREE CORDS HAITI andViBella Jewelry and we are taking it back to their beginning. Our journey begins January 14. Who is ready for a great God story?


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