Where were you April 1994?

Where were you April 1994?

Where were you April 1994? I was a new mom to a 14 month old baby girl and I was 3 months pregnant with our son. I was living in Florida happy and content while halfway around the world people were being massacred. For 90 days, 1 million Tutsi tribe members in Rwanda were being exterminated and I don’t remember it. The world sat back, while a country imploded.

Azizi Life, one of our ministry partners in Rwanda, works with a cooperative of weavers who are the victims and perpetrators of genocide working side by side. I have said that sentence countless times, but did I really know what it meant? God started speaking to my heart last August about Rwanda. We currently partner with 4 ministries there; Azizi Life since 2013, Beeutiful Creations since 2015, DuHope and Word Made Flesh Rwanda since August of 2019. January 17th I will be boarding a plane and traveling 7,500 miles to Kigali Rwanda. We will be partnering with all 4 organizations. I will be speaking 1st hand with Rwandans who survived genocide and hearing their story. I feel God wants me to better understand that sentence and to begin to tell the story of true forgiveness. I’ll be working with a ministry that gives female sex workers a way out. Another ministry that is working with women in vulnerable communities. Each provide dignified employment and invest in her. And finally a ministry that works with beekeepers to create economic, social, and spiritual transformation. Please join me on this adventure. I will be posting stories and videos on Facebook and Instagram. Tune into Stories for artisan videos and for me trying to do what they do! I am not crafty, so I will definitely need prayer. I can promise you this, this will be an adventure to remember! Who is ready to go?


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