Who Are We Going to Trust?

Who Are We Going to Trust?

Yesterday as I unpacked Peace Basket after Peace Basket, I reflected on the terror people must have felt the day the President of Rwanda’s plane went down and launched the beginning of genocide. For 90 days, 1,000,000 Tutsi tribe members were massacred. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how neighbor could kill neighbor or how the person you sat next to in church could kill your family. The Peace Basket was birthed from this horrific event and is a symbol of forgiveness.

I went to the Genocide Memorial and heard the details that led up to the event. The media played a huge part in creating a divide and playing on people’s fear. I remember walking away from the Memorial thinking about this and the power we give the media.

Today all of us are talking about the Coronavirus. It’s affecting our lives; the stock market is going crazy, many events and festivals are being cancelled, ... and apparently we all need to hoard toilet paper. The power of the media to inform is great but the power to create fear is quite scary. We are being bombarded with information, some real and some over sensationalized. As I held each Peace Basket, I am reminded of what Pascasie said when I asked her how she survived genocide. “I trusted God.” We all need to be safe during the Coronavirus pandemic but we cannot allow fear to drive us. I have learned nothing good ever comes out of fear. We have to make the decision who we are going to trust.


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