Who says God doesn't perform miracles today?

Who says God doesn't perform miracles today?

“Cha-ching!” That’s the sound I hear when we receive an order. This time it was another donation from the same customer within 12 hours of her last donation.  I remember thinking maybe we should get Atelier Calla in Haiti a generator? I reached out to Christelle, the Director and asked, “Do you need a generator?” She quickly answered back, “Yes! Our generator broke yesterday.” We scheduled a time to talk and I asked her to send me a generator quote.  I contacted our customer and told her with our Artisan Project funds and her donations, I thought we had enough to get Atelier Calla a generator. We had about $5,700 in the fund.  Our customer said, “Let me know if you end up needing more.”

At 2:00, I received the quote for the generator and almost fainted. I thought it would be about $6,000. The quote was for $12,500. Lord, what am I going to do? What did I just agree to? “Marisa, why do you hamstring me? You don’t think I can get you a generator?” Dang it, I was going to have to fundraise again. I really hate asking people for money.

Haiti has had political unrest and gang violence for years. Atelier Calla works so hard to produce our beautiful horn, bone, and mahogany pieces. They currently get about an hour of electricity a day from their utility company. The generator they were using was never designed to handle the daily needs of the whole workshop. It was supposed to be a backup generator. A couple of months earlier, we planned on getting them a table saw, miter saw, and a brander. But now, the need for a generator was greater.

I called Christelle. She said, “The mechanic did not even recommend fixing it, it was too far gone.” They were in the process of completing a large order when it broke. She found a workshop that has electricity that would let her artisans come after hours to finish the order. This was a short-term solution. As she was praying that morning, she thought of me. “God you helped Marisa with the social media hack, will you please help us with the generator.” “Marisa, not 30 minutes later I got a message from you, ‘Do you need a generator?’” I told her The Marketplace would stand with Atelier Calla and somehow get a generator. We had $5,700. Christelle said they had $2,000 saved. We needed $700 for delivery costs of the generator so the total funds needed would be $5,500. I told Christelle, “I can’t promise I will be able to get all the funds, but I can promise you I will do my best.”

I got off the call and texted our customer and told her the situation. Then I texted another customer who had said, “If the artisans ever need anything, please let me know.”

30 minutes later the 1st customer texted me, “I have to text because I wouldn’t make it through a phone conversation. We were a bit behind in our giving and when I figured out how much, I cried because it was the $5,000 you needed for the generator. I talked to my husband, we would like to get the generator for them!” As I read the text I just wept. I called our customer and she said, “I wish I could see Christelle’s face when you tell her?” Let’s do a surprise Zoom! We scheduled it for the next day.

At 7:30pm, my 2nd customer reached out. “How do I donate for the generator?” “Cha-ching!” I went to look at the order, it was a donation for the final $500 to pay for the rest of the delivery costs. Our customer never knew the final amount we needed.

The next day the 1st customer and I Zoomed with Christelle. She cried when she heard everything was funded. She said, “God answers prayers. 15 people will now keep their jobs. Thank you to both of you for being obedient.” At the end of the Zoom, Christelle said she would try to sell the old generator for parts. I prayed, “Lord, please sell the old generator for $1,500 so they can buy all the equipment we initially were going to buy them.”

A few days Christelle messaged me, “I found a buyer for the old generator. He is going to pay $1,500.” Why does that surprise me? Now Atelier Calla will have new generator, table saw, miter saw, and brander. It’s like a whole new workshop.


When people say God doesn’t perform miracles today, I just smile. Within 12 hours of me saying, “Do you need a generator?” to it being fully funded was less than 12 hours. God could have stopped there but He cares about every detail. He gave them the tools they so badly needed.

Obedience is the key to miracles. I didn’t have to listen to the “idea” to get them a generator. Our 1st customer didn’t have to make the donations. Our 2nd customer didn’t have to make the donation she did to finish the transport costs. Each of us felt prompted and we were obedient. Each part was essential in what I am calling the Generator Miracle.

For anyone who donated at the end of each purchase in the last 6 months, you were a part of this miracle. The round up’s and donations to the Artisan Project allow us to be ready for all God projects. Please know that every dollar donated goes to our artisans, we do not keep any of it for “administrative costs.” Why? We believe in every project we invest in and know that God will always provide for The Marketplace. If you would like to donate to the Artisan Project, please click on this link. Let’s get ready for the next God Project!

The Marketplace is a registered 501(c)3 and if you donate online you will receive a tax deductible email to use for your taxes. If you prefer to write a check, you can make it out to The Marketplace and mail it to: The Marketplace 113 Jamiwind Ct Mooresville, NC 28115.



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