Why do You do What You do?

Why do You do What You do?

Some people ask me, “Marisa, how can you do what you do and see what you see? Doesn’t it make you feel hopeless? You can’t possibly help everyone?”

The other day I was in the workshop creating prototypes. As we were finishing up one stack of bracelets, I went to take notes. When I looked back I saw Anna one of our artisans put on the stack she just finished working on and take this picture. She smiled so big and said “Pretty” in Thai. She then looked at me and said, “So cute!” THAT is why I do what I do. When an artisan starts to believe in herself and is proud of something she created with her own 2 hands. It’s so worth the long hours of flying to the other side of the world and all the jet lag! Empowering someone with a job builds dignity and self worth. That in turn affects their family and their community. Strategic sustainable projects are slow going and require a lot of work but it is a long term solution. While I walked through the bars at Soi Cowboy, I could feel overwhelmed, just give up, and hop on the next plane home. Or I can believe there is another Anna out there who needs help. 

As I look at the ladies in the workshop who make up some of the One Woman Campaign recipients, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride, proud of our community who heard what was happening in Bangkok Thailand, and took action. It’s not enough to feel bad for her situation. It requires taking action on our part to affect change. You see because of you, they no longer have to pin a number on their bikini and sell themselves. They get to work in a safe Christ filled environment and begin to heal. 

Can we change the world? The thought is overwhelming so how about we just focus on One Woman at a time? Is she worth all the work, time, and energy? You decide. As for me, you are darn right she is!


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