Why The Marketplace Exists

Why The Marketplace Exists

Meet Jose Luis. He was a young boy from a low-income family, high in the mountains of Honduras. He was heading nowhere fast until someone intervened. In 2010, one of his neighbors approached the National Director of Mission Lazarus and shared his story. That is how Jose Luis became one of the very 1st vocational students in the leather working program.

He learned the craft of leatherwork and became very passionate about it. Today he is one of the best leather artisans in their workshop. It’s been almost 13 years since Jose Luis started at the vocational school and a lot has happened. He has gotten married and he is now a proud homeowner, a dream he never thought possible.

What I love is when you invest in someone, they begin to have hope. Once there is hope, they begin to dream. One of Jose Luis’ dream is to one day have his own leather workshop. He wants to be able to give other people opportunities just like the one he was given all those years ago!

When you ask him why this has happened to him, this is what he says. “Only God can do this. He has changed my life! Before I did not know anything about God, but today I can clearly say that He is real and I just want to live a life that pleases Him. My family and I are grateful for all the blessings He has given us."

This is why The Marketplace exists. We walk alongside ministries who are investing in the lives of people around the world. Mission Lazarus invested in Jose Luis and not only has his life changed but the lives of those in his community also changed. I know many of you own a Mission Lazarus bag. They make incredible bags that last. My hope is that you would look at your bag in a whole new way. Think about Jose Luis and the other young men who were given an opportunity to learn a skilled trade and learn who Jesus is. Your bag is not only beautiful, but also life changing. If you are in the market for a new leather tote, crossbody, or briefcase, I would ask that you look at The Marketplace 1st. At The Marketplace, you will get a handmade product, that empowers people and changes lives.



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