You really have the power to make a difference

You really have the power to make a difference

All large basket totes from Guatemala start with a wooden frame, a lot of recycled plastic, and plenty of patience. It takes about 5-7 hours to complete one and the quality is amazing. You can’t see where color threads start and end. Why? They melt it together. There is incredible attention to detail.

While the quality is amazing, that’s not the best part about the basket tote. It’s knowing the lady who makes your basket tote is able to provide for her family. She is working in a Christ centered workshop and has a dignified job. She has hope and starts believing in herself. One of my favorite artisan stories is about a young lady who is 16 and had only a 2nd grade education. After working at Sueño Canastas she went back to school. Now she is excited for her future. When you invest in a woman, beautiful things happen.

A lot of you feel you can’t make a difference. But you really can. You have power, buying power. Where you spend your money matters. Would you rather buy a handmade basket tote made by Elsa from Guatemala or would you rather buy a product that was made in a factory by someone you are not even sure if they are being treated well? You have the power to decide.


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