The Marketplace was a God sized dream that was birthed September 2012. What if all parts of the body truly worked together for the glory of God? We partner with Christian organizations around the world who are empowering people with employment which then opens the door to share the love of Jesus. We are nothing but a culmination of relationships. We watch and participate in lives being changed around the world, not only because they can now support themselves, but because they know who Jesus is. We connect our customers with our artisans and they know by purchasing a bag or a necklace that they are changing a life. We go into our local community and build relationships in an unconventional way.

We started with 2 ministry partners in 2 countries and today we are in 27 different countries partnering with 87 ministries.

We started in a 300 square foot room in the back of a church and today we have a 1600 square foot storefront in the community and a 30-foot fashion truck.

While we sell beautiful handmade product from around the world, we are so much more than that. We are about a transformed life. The beauty is not just in the product, it’s in the person who made it. I have walked through the slums of Kenya and entered brothels in Bolivia. I have sat with those who have been trafficked in Cambodia and visited with those in India who have leprosy. I have seen 1st hand people the world would like to throw away be made brand new through the love of Christ.

The Marketplace doesn’t talk about the love of Jesus; we just show it. We are a resource to our missionaries around the world. We have invested in our groups by granting inventory control systems, laptops, printers, sewing machines, and even building a workshop in Haiti. Not only do we promote the ministry, we help them create sustainable business models and even design products.

While The Marketplace started as a dream of one person, it has grown beyond that. Our customers have so embraced the vision that they have become our most vocal supporters. Many say one person can’t change the world, I disagree. One person answered the call of God and others have joined in. Together The Marketplace is changing the world.


Marisa Sellman


The Bottom Rung, INC DBA The Marketplace is a registered 501(c)(3).