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January 2018, we launched the One Woman Campaign. Our hope was to rescue 1 woman from the Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand, but we were believing God for 2. We were overwhelmed by the support of our community and we were able to rescue 8 women from trafficking!

    January 2019, I went to Bangkok Thailand to meet our 8 women and to also walk the Red Light District. For me to better understand the problem, I needed to see where our ladies came from. I sat with the women we rescued and heard their story. What I quickly learned is rescuing a woman from trafficking is just the 1st step in a long journey towards healing. Samaritan Creations has a 3 year program where they walk with each woman. There is much training in life skills, trauma healing, and one on one counseling.

    Ministry in Red Light District

    I met Yam, the 1st woman we rescued and her son Hin. When we rescued Yam, she was days away from being trafficked by her family to go to Korea and work in massage parlor. She would have left her 3 year old son with her parents. The sad reality is that in many cases he would have been sexually abused by family members or others in the village. Yam was rescued last January. She now works in Samaritan Creations Café as one of their bakers. Hin stays in childcare at the workshop and he is thriving. Yam is in Year 2 of the program. Her dreams? She would one day love to own her own hair salon. Samaritan Creations is a place where women are rescued from trafficking, restored through counseling and training, and released to follow her dreams.

    Year 1 was RESCUE; we were able to rescue 8 women from trafficking. Year 2 is RESTORE. We will walk alongside our 8 women by offering them more job training, trauma healing, and one on one counseling. Our goal in 2019 is raise $28,000. This will pay for their rent, salary, school fees and childcare, and medical insurance. This will allow them a safe place in a Christian environment to heal.

    The One Woman Campaign isn’t just about 1 woman. When a woman is rescued from trafficking it not only changes her, but it also changes her children, her family, and her neighbors. It about changing the community for generations to come. This process is slow, but the change is long lasting. Won’t you join us in Year 2 of our One Woman Campaign as we begin to RESTORE the lives of our 8 women


     Click Here to Donate to the One Woman Campaign

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