Joshua 3 and The Rolling Shack


February 2015 God had been speaking to me to add a Fashion Truck to the mix. I could make myself out to be this amazing prayer warrior but who am I kidding? I did not want to get a truck- what do I know about this? Absolutely nothing. I finally agreed to do this, sort of. I started researching because hey- that's what I do. Well, I kept hearing- no you can't bring the truck here and no there are no fashion truck regulations and you cannot bring it uptown. No. No! NO!! So me being me said guess we won't get a truck. Then God gave me Joshua 3. Put your foot in the water THEN I will stop the flow. REALLY?!?! Could we not have You stop it 1st then I can step onto dry land?! Folks- it doesn't work like that, at least not for me. Obedience comes 1st, always.

So imagine what last Saturday was like for me. #therollingshack was invited into Uptown Charlotte. Yep- here is the part where God stopped the flow and ushered us in. The weather was beautiful and the people were so kind and supportive of what we do! We had record sales!!!

What is God asking you to do that is so beyond you? Remember obedience comes 1st. Do your part and He will ALWAYS do His. Have a great week guys!


Hard-working Huntersville Women


It's here- Artistic Freedom wooden signs!! We absolutely love them!!! Who is Artistic Freedom? They are part of Caterpillar Ministry and are a refugee group from Huntersville North Carolina. I loved hearing the story of how the artisans are taking ownership of their project. I was told that one homeless woman is part of the group. She has always been quiet and uninterested. After they started this group she has become so excited! She is already looking forward to their next meeting. The women are working together and are so excited to get to be a part of this group. I have learned whether it is in the U.S. or in a developing country, transformation happens when you invest in people and share the love of Christ.

The signs are beautiful and cost $25. Please welcome Artistic Freedom to The Marketplace family!! 


Welcome, Eduardo!


It has been my heart since The Marketplace has started to add a new nativity set each Christmas Season. We have had Kenya, Rwanda, and Haiti. Here is was September and I had nothing on the horizon. Guys- it’s not as if I was lazy and put it off. I just couldn’t find it. Why is it important to me? I just love when I travel around the world to get to worship with different cultures. I feel that way about nativity sets. You get to step into their world and see something so amazing, the birth of Jesus from their eyes.

One morning I woke up to an email. Richard, who found me through one of my volunteer’s dads, said he had beautiful wood crosses from a gentleman in Belize. I was intrigued because I have seen wood from Belize and it is stunning. We set up a time to talk. I immediately connected with Richard. He was a businessman who had taken countless mission trips to Belize and met a man by the name of Eduardo. Eduardo is a strong Christian leader in his community. I heard his testimony and so got the mission I love how God takes the broken, not only puts them back together again, but then gives them a platform to share their story. Eduardo gives God the glory in his wood carving skills. “I carve crosses because to me they represent Jesus, and He is everything to me. I want others to know Him the way that I do” A father of 7, his dream is to hire more people in his village and not only teach them who Jesus is but to show them.

So what does Eduardo’s Designs make? They make the most beautiful crosses out of mahogany. He also hand turns bowls. As Richard was telling me about the products, he said, “I have a nativity set.” SHUT UP!!! As he was telling me about the set, I just smiled. Ok God, ya got me! It’s so different than all of our other nativity sets. It has a manger, the shepard has a removable staff, and it has more of a rustic carved look. We have a limited number.

So please give a Marketplace welcome to the newest addition to our family, Eduardo’s Designs.

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